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Dr. Christian Boucharenc

As the Head of DID, Prof Christian specialises in design fundamentals and principles, and directs our unique design pedagogy. He was discipled by Japanese design master Toshiyuki Kita, and now plays an active role in promoting design in Singapore.

Hans Tan

Hans was honoured with the Designer of the Year at the President's Design Award 2017. His work tiptoes on the boundaries between design, craft & art. He believes that design not only helps us "do", design also helps us "understand".

Dr. Jung-Joo Lee

Specialised in service design, JJ's current research focuses on embedding design capabilities within organisations and service design for aging. She has worked with global companies like Microsoft and Samsung, and various government agencies.

R Brian Stone

A recipient of the Apple Distinguished Educator award and Communication Design Educators award, Prof Stone is a designer and author who specialises in the area of motion design, interaction design, information visualization, and UX.

Donn Koh

Inventor of the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse mechanism and co-founder of STUCK, Donn has received the Braunprize, Red Dot Awards and President's Design Award. He teaches foundational creativity and design entrepreneurship by creating hit Kickstarter products.

Christophe Gaubert

Christophe is a multicultural designer who has worked with major figures like Philippe Starck and companies like Thomson and Christian Dior. While teaching in ENSCI (Paris), he developed the Design Fiction Studio and a particular approach to Visionary Design.

Dr. Yen Ching Chiuan

Prof Yen has an excellent ability to combine theoretical thinking and practice in design education, specialising in interaction design for healthcare. Holding multiple Excellent Teaching Awards, his supervision has received more than 40 design awards.

Patrick Chia

Patrick Chia's designs have roamed Paris, New York, Los Angeles, London and Tokyo. He has served as jury member for numerous international award and as jury chair for the President's Design Award Singapore.

Martin Danzer

Martin is a master of 3D computer graphics and has redefined digital and virtual product development processes over 15 years of work experience. He established the Computer Aided Industrial Design track to help students hack into the tools of the future.

Song Kee Hong

As co-founder of Design Exchange with over 20 years of industry experience and over 20 design awards, Prof Song creates learning experiences true to market reality. He has led collaboration projects with Philips, DBS, Samsung, GovTech and more.

The proof is
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Armed with design, business and technological knowledge, our alumni have gone to become leaders in tech startups, design consultancies, government agencies, R&D companies, service industries, marketing sectors, as well as design education. Many have also established their own design firms.

Class of 2003


Creative Director, BMW Group Designworks Munich Studio

Class of 2011

Ng Xin Nie

Illustrator at Google
Founder of X Spots the Mark and Everyday Canoe

Class of 2011

Selene Chew

Senior User Experience Designer at LinkedIn, Silicon Valley

Class of 2008

Daniel Ling

Assistant Vice President,
Innovation & Change Management, DBS Bank

Class of 2007

Jane Hia

Founder of the wildly successful Kith Cafe.

Class of 2004

Edwin Low

Founder of Supermama, Singapore's home-grown gallery store that uses culture as a context to design.

Class of 2005

Lee Tze Ming

Co-Founder of STUCK Design, a leading multi-disciplinary design agency.

Proven with amazing projects and more awards than any other.

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Oneware Series

Oneware is a series of modular kitchen accessories that is designed for those who only have one functioning arm.

Awards: James Dyson Award 2016 National Winner, TISD Competition 2016 Product Design Gold Award, IKEA Young Designer Award 2016 National Winner



The Dyslexperience is an interactive empathy book designed in response to a general lack of understanding about dyslexia in Singapore.

Awards: TISD Competition 2019 Grand Prix



Leapfrog is an assistive walker for the rehabilitative needs of Cerebral Palsied kids.

Awards: 2007 Braunprize Grand Winner Award, 2008 IF Concept Award, 2007 Red Dot Concept Award


Shaping Mist

Mist is explored as a manipulable and visually expressive material. Through new techniques and environmental factors, mist is slowed down and given a magical, soothing presence in two scent diffusers.



The world's first pocketable chewable reusable straw with a case to spin dry your straw for multiple uses.152% over funded with 578 backers pledging S$30,577.

Awards: IDA Design Award 2018 Gold Winner



Concerned for our tendency to spend mindlessly with today's cashless payments, Afford is a mobile application that emphasises on the amount we are spending, trading convenience for awareness.



Flipod simplifies bed rotation for non-ambulant patients to relieve respiratory & bed discomfort due to prolonged static positions while sleeping.

Awards: James Dyson Award 2016 International Top 20 Finalist

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